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Kelly Riot is a native Texan that began her Film Production career in hair and makeup for the fashion industry. This path quickly brought her to Los Angeles, CA. where she continued and expanded her offerings from hair/makeup to special effects, and costuming for TV and film. These experiences gave her a deeper understanding of the world of filmmaking.

Kelly agreed to join the all girl punk rock sensation Rocket, leading her to tour for the next 4 1/2 years. Despite the excitement and burgeoning success of Rocket - Kelly felt she was missing her true calling. After leaving Rocket Kelly began focusing on professional photography, and re-entered the Filmmaking world as a cinematographer and director. After moving to Austin, TX, Kelly has worked on projects from corporate video productions, to music videos, shorts, and feature films. Her short film “Tip Your Waitress” was featured at numerous film festivals and cemented her love for working in the Action and Fight Film genre.