Kelly Riot

Kelly Riot, a versatile force in the film industry, wears many hats-as a Director, Photographer, and Cinematographer. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Kelly began her career in the cinematic world honing her skills in hair and makeup, special effects, and costuming. Her journey eventually led her to Los Angeles, where she worked on a variety of TV series, including Wild West Tech, Shootout, Mystery ER, and I Didn't Know I was Pregnant.

After 13 years of experience, Kelly transitioned into filmmaking, focusing her talents on photography, cinematography, and directing. Now based in Austin, Texas, she spends her career traversing the globe, contributing her expertise to diverse projects. Her portfolio ranges from commercial shoots for giants like the Travel Channel, Apple Watch, and BBC, to directing and cinematography for award-winning narrative films.
Her most recent accomplishments include an Addy Award-winning commercial for the U.S. Air Force, produced in collaboration with GSD&M. In the realm of narrative cinema, her latest project, Tiger Eyes, is a film she both wrote and directed. Rooted in a real-life narrative, the movie explores the challenges bi-racial children face in contemporary America. With a keen eye for storytelling, Kelly Riot continues to weave visual narratives that captivate audiences and incite conversations.
BY: Lara Britton
Austin TX |
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