Kelly Riot

Director, Photographer, Cinematographer. Originally from Dallas, TX Kelly began her Film Production career in hair and makeup, special effects, and costuming eventually moving and working for 13 years in Los Angeles on TV series such as "Wild West Tech", "Shootout", "Mystery ER", and "I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant". Kelly eventually entered the filmmaking world as a photographer, cinematographer and director. Since moving to Austin, TX, she has traveled the world working on a variety of projects ranging from commercial shoots for the travel channel to apple watch, iphone, BBC, and many more. Her most recent commercial project was an addy award winning commercial with GSD&M for the U.S. Air Force. And her most recent narrative film project was the award winning film “Tiger Eyes'' that she wrote and directed. The film was based on a true story that tackles the social dilemma that bi-racial children face living in America today.

Austin TX |
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